Warframe: Eidolon Hunting 101

Learn how to hunt Eidolons with Smashley!

Tried to include everything you guys need to know to get started hunting! Good luck out there and don’t let people keep you down about not having the best gear! Go have fun and enjoy the experience!

Thank you @war77el for all the amazing editing to my derpy live-stream content! Much love!

30 thoughts on “Warframe: Eidolon Hunting 101

  1. Raven says:

    This guide and many others I have checked out are super helpful, but I can't get help reliably. My setup is garbage and I struggle to stay connected to a friend who is sitting next to me, let alone connecting with randoms which is nearly impossible. And that's just normal missions. Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis are even worse for me, unless I'm hosting. Which ruins the experience for the other three people. I'm aware that this is a rant and isn't helpful as a comment, I just feel that my situation could be looked at and someone could get a laugh out of my shortcomings.

  2. DropTh3Beat says:

    i know this is old but for new ppl trying to capture or kill idolons and have a mot amp just put solo at night search for an idolon and fight him and just kill the bombalist to get the standing you need fast

  3. Sam Fisher says:

    Fuck Eidolon hunting. So needlessly confusing. I'll just stick with farming the vomalysts until I get to where I need to be in terms of standing. It might take me longer, but going through with this eidolon bs will make me want to throw my computer.

  4. Zinto says:

    I actually enjoyed this, even though having 400+ hours on the game(side note it's basically next to nothing), I have lil to no idea how to hunt eidolons, recently I started farming for wisps and tried a random combination for the amp, this video actually gave me a better insight, Thank you. , PS playing on Asia server is a pain, not everyone speaks English over there, so it's hard to find a fully functioning party who doesn't decide to quit half way through

  5. The Rin Link says:

    Honestly good content and you have earned my sub before I will sub to another warframe youtuber. Would love to play with. I am coming back from the raid ages and it's definitely a change but I am glad to see eidalons, might be something to keep me in the game.

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