How "DEADLY ACCURATE POWERFUL" Are Modern Day Air Rifles? pt10

Today, I set out to show the true accuracy and power of a modern day air rifle.
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Distance: 10ft
Air Rifle: Crosman Phantom .177 1000fps/1200fps
Scope: Centerpoint AR22 3-9×32 Mildot Rimfire/airgun
Pellets: Crosman Premier Pointed

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9 thoughts on “How "DEADLY ACCURATE POWERFUL" Are Modern Day Air Rifles? pt10

  1. Joseph Hawkins says:

    I abandoned the Ruger air magnum .22 pellet rifle and all spring pistons and 2 months ago I got me a Crosman phantom .22 nitro piston pellet rifle and my my my is it a night and day difference. It's a way easier and smoother cocking effort and much more consistant velocity and accuracy. I use the open sights on mine and not the scope and I shoot 1.1 gram ruger superpoint .22 lead pellets and from 20 yards I get awesome penetration of a plastic gallon jug filled with water. Thru and thru. She hits 20 ounce soup cans consistently from 20 yards very well too. A .22 short round isn't much more potent.

  2. tarstarkusz says:

    Could the military used compressed air as a propellent where there is opportunity to compress air on the fly, like in a tank, a fort or a ship? Compressed air is used in industry for some pretty impressive stuff, but I don't really know much about ballistics. I also wonder if it would be cheaper for the military and the gun shouldn't get too hot using air. It seems to me that using some of the engine power to generate extreme high pressure and volume of air could be feasible to propel larger bullets at a higher velocity.

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