Fitness for Elk Hunting with Mark & Jeff Skousen – Elk Talk Podcast (Episode 22)

In this Episode of the Elk Talk Podcast (Episode 22), Corey and Randy are joined by twin brothers Mark and Jeff Skousen. Mark and Jeff are hardcore backcountry elk hunters with a passion for fitness.

You don’t want to miss this Episode!!!!!

Topics covered in this Episode include:

*Hunting Tule Elk in California
*OTC General Elk Hunting in Utah
*The importance of experience when it comes to Hunting Elk
*Fitness for Elk Hunting
*Can you eat Ice Cream and be a successful Elk Hunter?
*Utilizing Horses for Hunting Elk
*Mountain Tough Fitness Lab
*Balancing Priorities and Managing Time
*Spartan Races to Prepare for an Elk Hunt
*Managing Health Issues and Fitness
*High Intensity Interval Training
*Dealing with High Elevation
*Altitude and Hydration
*Increasing Mental Toughness


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6 thoughts on “Fitness for Elk Hunting with Mark & Jeff Skousen – Elk Talk Podcast (Episode 22)

  1. Troy Westerbur says:

    This is a great topic. I have been training non stop for a year now. I had a event a couple years ago that made me change my thinking. I got sick on a hunt and had to quit. then last year I thought I had done enough but learned I hadn't. the first year I quit smoking and started hiking 5 mile a day. It worked grate for hunting but after I packed my bull out solo and thought I was going to die. I realized my core strength needed work. I had broken my back a few years ago and I didn't do a lot because of pain. Now I have been doing core training since October and most of my pain is gone. I get stiff but I don't live on Motrin anymore and by this September and October I will be ready to pack out meat. The biggest  thing for me is to set small goals and crush them. If I set to big of goals I get discouraged when I cant do it fast enough.

  2. Robert Rohn says:

    Enjoyed listening to the podcast. I'm familiar with Mark and Jeff from the MtnTough Lab training program. Everyone in that program is trying to get to their time and weights – haaa. They kill the workouts.
    Totally agree with everything said – a couple weeks in the hills chasing elk requires some type of fitness program. In addition, it should be a annual program, not just to start training 30 days or 60 days before the season.

  3. Outdoor Ayres says:

    Hey gents, I actually listened to the pod cast the day it aired, and been thinking about the fitness section. Would it be worthwhile to buy a elevation fitness mask to train with?

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