Top 3 Best Budget Optics for your AR-15 or Rifle

I go over my top 3 picks for the best rifle optics on a budget. 10% OFF DISCOUNT Code: CountryMash

Get one for your rifle here:

Primary Arms 1X Prism ACSS CYCLOPS –
Holosun ACSS HS503G –
Primary Arms 1-6x SFP ACSS Scope –
PA 3X Magnifier Gen IV –
GG&G Flip to Side Magnifier Mount –

– Film Equipment –

Panasonic LUMIX G7

Bower Shotgun Mic

Lapel Mic

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Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)
Year: 2018
Title: Glory

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50 thoughts on “Top 3 Best Budget Optics for your AR-15 or Rifle

  1. Gunther Dubb says:

    I agree Mr. Mash PrimaryArms are the BEST budget optics and #Holosun are great too!! IF you were to pick if there are a 4th & 5th?? would you have picked one of the two??..the 3X or 5X Primary Arms Prism Scopes?? And yes Dmitri is a genius!! How can I be buds with him??..👍😁

  2. Fred Flinstone says:

    Seriously, just get the Holosun with the ACSS reticle. Buy it on sale for $180 or less. Find out who stocks the thing and just watch for sales. I have used cheaper red dots, and they will work fine, but for all the features you get with that optic you can't beat it. People have beat the crap out of them and they still work. You can get a 3x magnifier down the road if you really want to.

  3. Eduardo Garcia says:

    I got a 20.00 dollar Chinese ripp off bushnell red dot! Got it on Amazon. I put it on my bushmaster AR and set it at 50yds. Hitting a 3 inch plate at a hundred yds consistantly! Had 3 yrs just changed the battery. IM NOT KIDDING BY ANY MEANS. I have a Nikon 3×9 on an aero precision AR my son built. He and I both dropped two large does last season one at 175yds one at 80yds both using 70grn bt. I got a Nikon buckmaster on my Marlin 4570 killed more deer than than I can remember. All 3 optics were less than 500.00 combined. And I'll go after any game two legged or four with either of them.

  4. Brendan Fazekas says:

    That’s crazy I have all three of these now and a PA magnifyer 3x I find that the chevron and lines are hard to see on the cyclops as in too small I kind of expected something more like the 1×6 scope is it me and my eyes? What do you think?

  5. Dan says:

    Just found your channel kinda recently when doing research on this exact subject. I really appreciate your clear and concise breakdown of these optics, specifically the Primary Arms offerings. Much as I would love to drop the big bucks on Vortex Razors and etc for my guns it's just not happening. I'm really impressed with the innovations this company has been coming out with especially at a price point that most of us can afford. Specifically the Cyclops, the 1-6, and probably the 4-14 and/or 3-18 FFP scopes will be finding homes on top of my favorite weapons as soon as I can make it happen.

    I'm stoked to finally try em out but hey thanks for putting good info out there. They really should be hooking you up if they aren't already.

  6. DAVID FRYE says:

    Thanks for all your great videos. I just purchased a Cyclops due to your reviews and those of others that have worked with Dimitri and Primary Arms. It is a great company due to the great people who work there. I am loving the Cyclops and I find it very easy to get good accuracy at 105 yards. I'll be trying it at 210 and 300 yards in the next couple of weeks.

  7. Ben Marchant says:

    "Affordable ", my ass. $250….??
    I'm not trying to make any waves or be a troll, but damn!
    Why not start around a hundred bucks, bro?
    I totally respect and appreciate your video and your recommendations but, lets crawl before we run in a full sprint, homey.
    Can you give some input for the people who can't spring for much more than a hundo please?

  8. musicmikestro says:

    While I completely understand why everyone is freakin out about the price after the title says "budget", the standard when buying an optic for a firearm that is going to defend your life, is to cost at least as much as the weapon itself. Seeing as the avg trusted optics for fighting rifles are $500-$1,500, I'd say that the $200's count as budget.

  9. Mike Kacen says:

    Great video. My wife is new to the AR platform and I’m trying to figure out what type of optic will give her the most coverage through all of the different classes we’ll be taking. Leaning toward a 1/6.

  10. David Tobin says:

    You just answer my question I ask on another one of your videos . Thank you. I'm still trying to watch all your videos. Love all of what I've watched so far.

  11. Quality Guru says:

    You claim that the Primary Arms has durability yet you provide no empirical data to support your opinion. What you claim to be fact is in reality just your opinion. I caution anyone to take your word at face value when you claim that you are sacrificing durability with the Holusun red dot in place of the PA scope. I have a $25 red optic scope that I purchased after seeing a review on 704 Tactical and it’s still holding strong compared to the Aimpro PRO. The FieldSport Micro Red Dot is what I consider a real budget scope.

  12. otetechie says:

    Budget do it all optic is impossible.
    Even a high end do it all optic is impossible.
    Something like a high end LPVO or Elcan Specterdr are as close as we can get and they can’t do it all.

  13. James Whitworth says:

    Don't use magnifiers on prism scopes. Not only would be difficult to get them sighted in where the point of aim works properly with the magnifier, the diopter adjustment won't work properly either.

    For those who are unfamiliar with prism Scopes the diopter adjustment is how you adjust the focus of the reticle to your eyesight. If you throw a magnifier behind a prism scope you're going to have to adjust the diopter on both the prism scope and the magnifier so that they match. But as soon as you move the magnifier off of the prism scope the diopter adjustment on the prism scope will most likely be blurry to your eyesight.

    Personally I have a vortex Spitfire 1X prism scope on my CZ scorpion. An my girlfriend has a vortex strikefire 2 with a magnifier on her ar15. One day out of sheer boredom I actually tried pairing the spitfire with the magnifier. I knew the diopter was an issue for most people's eyesight but I figured my eyesight was so weird that maybe it will work out. Nope. It was just a bad idea all around.

    Your better off sticking with a fixed 3 power or a low-power variable optic.

    If you want to use a magnifier use a red dot or holographic sight.

  14. AlphaEXZ says:

    >extremely affordable
    Pick one

    Extremely affordable is like less then $100, sure the optic at $240 may be worth it, but that doesn't make it extremely affordable. I would wager most people looking for "budget" optics are looking at values less then $150, starting out at $240 and later the lowest at ~$220 just feels out of touch.

  15. leam1966 says:

    yea but it got a limited life time warranty. i got two vortex cross fire 2 1-4 and the strike eagle 1-6 i want the strike eagle 1-8 next and i been doing very good with them so far unconditional warranty

  16. Adam Long says:

    High quality scope and cost for poor boy budget. My buddy saw thw scope he has a Zeiss scope 1200 to 1500 bucks aint nothing to him. when he held my scope he said damn thats so clear it may be better thatn mine no you paid what 1200 or more? Nope! 129 bucks on eBay. ZOS 10×40 50mm milldot illuminated. Spotting scope on your rifle that works very nice aim small miss small.

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