Horizon Zero Dawn Logpile Trial Hunting Challenge Guide

Another Hunting Challenge is the Logpile Trial. This will be easy for some people and difficult for others. Check out this Horizon Zero Dawn Logpile Trial Hunting Challenge Guide video to get it done quickly.

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30 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Logpile Trial Hunting Challenge Guide

  1. Mah Ratzi says:

    When I was doing this trial, I just launched the blast near the lake, they ran away from it, and couple of second later I apparently completed the trial, because these stupid Grazers killed themselves somehow. I didn't even have time to trigger the logpiles, they did it for me 🙂

  2. Yonas Aristo says:

    you make it look so easy… I've tried it a couple of times and still mess the timing for the log to roll down. got some nice tips from your video, though. the direction of the bomb and placing the trap under the logpile. I'm gonna try it tonight!

  3. yettileg says:

    i cant believe how complicated people make this challenge. my record is 21 seconds. Just shoot a catapult bomb over them into the water then theyll run straight to you. shoot the logs with arrow. boom 3 dead in 21 seconds.

  4. Syanidimuro says:

    This is also easy if you have the Balanced Aim perk 🙂 You can do it under a minute by going to the rope that crosses the middle path, then whistle to get the machines closer – they'll usually come in packs and then just shoot the first two logpiles when they're underneath and you should be done. Easy 🙂

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