Monster Hunter World | Desolation's Overture (Hunting Horn) – Weapon Guide

The only Hunting Horn in the game that can buff a team’s affinity, let’s take a look at one very powerful horn, and when you should use it.

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18 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World | Desolation's Overture (Hunting Horn) – Weapon Guide

  1. Keilink says:

    Thank you for your review and precisions. I'm trying a 100% support build and couldn't find the exact affinity % of the melody anywhere
    Giving the whole team 20% affinity seems completely insane, definatly gonna make this one 😮

  2. Austin Crow says:

    I have a crit draw dragon pierce bow build. That might be something to look out for. If you see a bow user constantly sheathing and unsheathing their bow that might be a crit draw build.

  3. Kimobits says:

    Other than that, thanks for posting, hh doesn’t get the coverage it needs and I’m glad to see you posting about it. I’ve gone through and tried almost every melee weapon and hh is my second to last. So the vids help out a lot!

  4. Kimobits says:

    Usually if you see three teostra armor pieces on a DB user, it’s probably an affinity build.
    And I’ve seen some Longsword users use it too. Any longsword users wanna confirm that kind of build is viable or functions in the same way the DB build does, pls and thanks.

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