HCR Guide to Hunting Rifle and Scope Selection

Hill Country Rifle Company demonstrates their Sheep Rifle, Long Range Hunter, and 338 Lapua Hunter with Swarovski Z5, X5, and new Z8 scopes on plates at FTW ranch. For more details see www.hillcountryrifles.com

7 thoughts on “HCR Guide to Hunting Rifle and Scope Selection

  1. JimSpin39 says:

    I am a long time Hill Country Rifle customer for two reasons – Exceptional work quality and outstanding customer service that is second to none. They have demonstrated this to me with every interaction I have had with them. I have found them to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate in sharing their experiences around guns, shooting and hunting. They take the time and effort to engage in great conversation. Most importantly, they have earned my trust and respect. This is why I am a lifetime customer. For anyone looking to build or buy a gun, or looking for gunsmith services, give them a call. You will get warm, friendly conversation and great advice on your next project or purchase.

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