Deer Hunting with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62×39!

My youngest son shot this Oklahoma whitetail 9 point at about 100 yards with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62×39, Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 scope, and Hornady SST 123 grain steel case ammo.

Thanks for Watching!

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25 thoughts on “Deer Hunting with the Ruger American Ranch 7.62×39!

  1. Frank Fisher says:

    Can you believe in the UK the x39 isn't considered a deer legal cartridge… we need 1700 foot pounds in England and 1750 in Scotland, and so far I have not coaxed that out of the 16 inch barrel with any of my loads. But that deer dropped! What was the wound like with the SST?

  2. Todd Stock says:

    If anyone is thinking about buying this firearm, do it… I love mine, dropped 2 deer right in their tracks 1 at 75 yards other at 50 yards. I also put a compensator, no recoil whatsoever!

  3. connergdaniel says:

    had this exact setup. nikon, ammo everything. went back out to the range and from shooting about 40 rounds of 123 grain ppu it had destroyed the optic. couldn't hit a board at 100 yards. went back and bought a vortex, sighted it in with 123 grain hp tula and was drilling 2 inch bullseyes at 100 yds. shot my first two deer opening day this year with the sst's shooting through a gemtec 30 caliber suppressor. one doe straight through the heart at 101 yards and one 7 point buck at 50. i love this rifle and picked up a 20 rd mag at a local gun show for 30 bucks. congrats on the deer man!

  4. travisp11 says:

    I will be taking my x39 Ruger Ranch out in January up here in Nebraska and I will be running the same ammo. It should work well. Great video, man!!!

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