Terraria: Easy Statue Hunting Guide

Just a guide to show people how to find statues on Terraria, some maybe useless but some are very useful for making money and gathering loads of resources (such as fish and slime statues), Or you may just want to collect them. Some worlds do not spawn as many statues in these places so do not blame the guide if you do not find any statues, if you try another world you may get luckier. Thanks for watching

26 thoughts on “Terraria: Easy Statue Hunting Guide

  1. Unmasked says:

    Thank you this really helped I found the exact statue I was looking for and I got the lava that I really needed and I got a crab statue this was all in 20 mins

  2. DabALeaf says:

    if I get the skeleton statue and summon a skeleton (or make a skeleton farm) and I kill a lot of skeletons will I get the hook or does it need to be fresh in a cave?

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