2016 Episode #6 – North Grasslands Duck Hunt Dec 3

Today, Dennis and I headed back out for the first Saturday that motorized spinning wing decoys are allowed in California, hoping for some more close ducks. Ruddy ducks flood in and make for some close shots.

I took my first Gadwall ever and really improved my shooting after last weekend’s disastrous performance. Not included are only a handful of misses. Who knows what causes those sorts of swings in accuracy but I’ll take this end of the pendulum! Dennis drops sails a mallard drake into the Tule grass which Sawyer retrieves making me a very happy trainer and owner.

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Intro and End song: Back to the Wood by Audionautix
Back To The Wood by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
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23 thoughts on “2016 Episode #6 – North Grasslands Duck Hunt Dec 3

  1. bull frogger says:

    I'm over 60 and have hunted the area all my life . I can say that since I started hunting ducks at 11 years old , I have never shot a ruddy duck and have never seen one of my buddies shoot one either . The only spooneys i've killed were by accident , either in a flock of good ducks or misidentified in heavy fog . I have seen people shoot and keep birds I have not even pointed my gun at . I saw a guy walk into the club after a shoot with a big grin and 7 coots on his strap . You may know them as mud hens . They resemble a duck about as closely as a chicken does . I saw a guy with two white swans hanging off his back , feet dragging on the ground . He thought they were snow geese . With mixed bag limits , I can only wonder what goes on out there .If you can't tell a mud hen from a duck , how are you going to differentiate between different species of ducks ? Shooting ducks is only a part of going duck hunting . I have been out mornings and never fired a shot . I never considered it a waste of time . For me , killing , cleaning and then trying to eat things that are better reserved for a survival situation , is a waste of time .

  2. Drake Valley Outdoors says:

    Are you part of a hunt club and you guys just leave all the decoys out throughout the season? That's a lot of decoys! I don't know that I've ever heard that much shooting around. That would be a tough thing to battle all the time. At least you guys are still able to drop some birds with the war going on in distance lol

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