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Well, I was sitting at home bored one night and decided to pack up and head back to Colorado. Those elk eluded me in my first attempt which was early in the season. As Fall approached closer and rumors of the rut heating up spread, I could not focus on anything but my unsuccessful attempt at filling my freezer full of elk meat. I headed north which was a 10 hour road trip one way. I left on a Thursday afternoon, spent one night in Flagstaff, AZ and hit the road about 4:00 AM Friday morning. By 11:30 AM Arizona time I was covering ground in search of any legal elk, cow or bull. I quickly started losing hope as Friday’s hunt there was no trace of elk and not a single bugle could be heard. I tried with my Rocky Mountain Elk Call bugle tube and mouth calls as well as my Primos bite and blow cow call. All unsuccessful. After getting a good dinner and good nights sleep in, I moved to another area around 3:30 AM Arizona time. As I was making the ascent up the trail, I could hear a faint bugle as well as multiple bugles way of in the distance across the highway and river. Once making it up top on the ridge, I let out a bugle and to my surprise, a bull bugled back! My heart started to race as I tried to pinpoint the location with my ears. I headed the direction I thought the bull elk was and would stop and bugle about every 10 minutes. He would quickly respond so I kept moving towards him. After reaching a meadow, I ripped one more bugle and he answered back loudly. I knew I was close at that point. So I found some trees that I could keep between me and him for concealment. I started mixing bugles with cow calls and he really got fired up. He finally showed himself as he gracefully walked out into the meadow in search of his harem. At this point he was about 150 yards from me in the open. I let one more bugle rip and he kept coming my way! As he made his way closer, I drew back my BowTech bow while I still had the concealment of the trees to my left. He then cleared those trees and he and I were wide open 26 yards from each other. Then he stopped broadside. My heart raced as I quickly tried to control my breathing as I picked the correct pin and point of impact. My index finger applied gentle pressure on my release. Then everything went silent as I watched my arrow travel at 280 feet per second as it made impact right in the vitals. The bull quickly ran the opposite direction, roughly 100 yards back to where he originally appeared from. I watched in disbelief that I actually called in a bull and connected. On camera even! What seemed like hours later but was actually 45 mins, I walked up on my harvest as he lay there lifeless. I quickly took some pictures and proceeded to process and butcher. I quartered him out, removed the back straps and tenderloins and started hauling the prized game meat back to my truck to get it on ice. I made two trips which really should have been three but I was eager to get home to my wife and kids. I ended up with roughly 200 pounds of meat, a fond memory, and the experience of a lifetime hunting public land rutting bulls with my bow in the great state of Colorado. I then made the 10 hour trip back home to Arizona and here we are. Freezer filled to provide for my family. This is why I hunt…..

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22 thoughts on “DIY Archery Elk Hunting

  1. Jeff Chang says:

    Great hunt man, super happy for you. I'm from AZ also and drove through the same area the 2nd week of Sept, came home empty. Awesome story and glad to see you get it done!

  2. Scott's Thoughts says:

    Thank you so very much for taking the time to record and post this. Well done on the harvest, great bull. I've recently purchased a bow and have been hoping to do a solo Elk hunt myself sometime in the future when I feel accurate enough, so this type of thing helps.

  3. samuel rogers says:

    Congrats! I made two trips from San Diego this fall to Montana (driving)… I got a 6 point bull with my bow also on the second trip… Persistence is the key. Good Job man!!

  4. Owen says:

    Good hunt. No silly stuff just doing it right. Just watched a video of these guys hiking for a couple days strait up a mountain then had to be rescued because they got tired. LoL

  5. ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    I had the intentions of making a short film of my 1st elk hunt but,, Nothing worked once i got there… Always hiking & less time trying to get some good footage…. slick idea with the go pro on the quiver however…

  6. AreWeEverThere says:

    Great job-Good to see someone who knows how to film and make it interesting. Almost all the Bow hunting
    films I've watched in the last month are nothing more than a video selfie. Sad but True. Again Great Job!
    If you haven't already check out Born and Raised Outdoors there just winding up the Land of The Free Series
    2.0 if it's anything like last years project it's going to be epic!

  7. T Shad says:

    Pretty Slick video man! People don’t understand how hard it is to get kill shots on video man. Much respect to you. Congrats on the bull man!

  8. Louie Zapata says:

    Hell of a hunt & bull, you should be proud and you did it the hard way with a "stick and string"… "the way of a true hunter is measured in the efforts he brought to bare to succeed", God Bless & good luck …

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