Sighting in Your MOB Spot Hogg | Bow Hunting Tips

Follow Preston and Jack as they sight in their new Spot Hogg drop away pin sights.

Jack chose the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie and Preston went with the Spot Hogg Tommy Hogg. These bow sights come with instructions to sight in but sometimes can be difficult to understand when archery hunting with a compound bow.

Watch as we sight in on our own method which works perfectly, however we still use the Spot Hogg sight tape in the end!

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14 thoughts on “Sighting in Your MOB Spot Hogg | Bow Hunting Tips

  1. chuck julian says:

    very informative video – much thanks, guys! btw, the dogs didn't negatively impact the audio, they simply added some cool points!!! i'm going to order the new double pointer and some new tapes for my hogg father. this was the most useful video i've found on this topic – you have a new sub.

  2. david guzman says:

    great video and informative. even tho most slider combo sights are similar the tape seems to be the easier part. the initial sight placement on height of the slider, where to adjust the indicator (as far as placement) for the slider or where pins should be initially starting out sighting is the hard part. i know it seems simple but i had a hard time getting mine set initally. videos i researched and didnt really go in depth about that. again…great vids. yall keep up the good work!

  3. aaron gmoney says:

    I’m new to archery and not yet started my first hunting season. I’ve probably shot close to 10xs and 200 Plus arrows and still having issues sighting in my bow. This makes a lot of sense.

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