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43 thoughts on “RDR2 – HUNTING MOOSE! HOW TO GET PERFECT MOOSE PELTS! Red Dead Redemption 2

  1. Scott Deieso says:

    you know. i kind of admire rockstar for making some of the hunting really rare and hard. Makes it feel more immersive, i mean if your a ADHD kind of gamer this totally sucks, but if you just like kickin back and just being in the game, its very enjoyable. That being said, i think im on hour 3 of trying to find this godforsaken moose

  2. Juancho Galang says:

    I was doing the Master Hunter challenges and I was doing a challenge where I have to lure animals with Herbivore and Carnivore bait and kill them. I went to the Heartlands near Emerald Ranch and I used Herbivore bait then out of fucking nowhere a 3 star moose came out for the bait, of course I didn't wasted this opportunity to get a clean headshot. It was a female moose though but it didn't matter for my case since I only needed a pelt.

  3. Neo8982 __ says:

    "I actually went to one, uh, there's an area here at the end of that, uh, odd looking area. I'm not gonna say anything about it but you know." (Referring to the dick shaped area on the map
    5 Seconds Later
    "But now since I've tried to get those videos back they basically fucked me in the ass."

    You can say that but you can't say that land mass looks like a dick? LMAO

  4. Derrick Victor says:

    I can’t do it… you are growing your channel, but until you learn to get to the point, edit well, and know your stuff, you probably won’t have too many subscribers. Not hating, trying to give solid advice. Good luck

  5. E. A. says:

    Dude you talk too much, just get to the point, show the spots with the moose and end of story, next time try that and you get more views and likes, instead of boring the heck out of everyone cuz all you make us is find another video.

  6. Boar Reese says:

    What's wrong with online gaming where you can't kill each other, like Friendly Free Roam? Don't you think they are forcing competitive gameplay on gamers because I have seen a lot of people that want Free Roams like in first RDRO. Obviously people are going to kill each other online, but the way they implement online leads to conclusion that Rockstar sucks my ass.

  7. Benjamin Marston says:

    Most moose I found in my time playing rdr2 (3 months)
    I found 2 moose 1 perfect 1 poor other unknown

    Locations I found

    Roanoke Valley

    West of Beecher's hope north of Manzanita post

    North train tunnel by Legendary bear location

  8. Jordon Webb says:

    The question is what chapter were you in when you recorded this video? I'm starting to think that if you're in chapter 2 you will never see any moose, but when you reach chapter 3 they start spawning. If that's the case all of Rockstar should be forced to eat a bag of dicks for making so many people waste so many hours of their life on something so meaningless and ridiculous.

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