Giants Rune Hunting Guide: Summoners War

Join the motivational gamer in this summoners war video as we talk what to expect when farming runes in giants in cairos dungeon.

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20 thoughts on “Giants Rune Hunting Guide: Summoners War

  1. William Johnston says:

    Hey so I have a serious question that I feel like I keep asking and not getting a response or the response I do get from another player on the ingame chat box is quickly redacted or told that I shouldn't do that … And so what I want to know is how can you tell if a monster your summon or aquire is food or should be built up??? Example of what I mean is I have all 5 different mystic whichs (water,fire,wind,dark and light) and I don't know what on to keep and sacrifice the others to improve one element skills and it's more with the 4*I have

  2. amouramarie says:

    I know this vid is 2 years old, but it's what I needed right now. I'm on GB8 and wasn't sure how to work around Shannard's ele disadvantage to ease into B9. I'm definitely going to keep this in mind – just farm the heck out of B8, then concentrate on B10. Love your vids a lot; I'm usually picking up something useful, and love your outlook. high five

  3. Roger Tan says:

    Just wanna share that I skipped from GB6 to GB10 after farming in GB6 for 2 months straight.

    That was because at that time, it was examination week, next is foundation week, bla bla bla. So for about 2 months I just farmed GB6 non-stop while doing daily missions.

    Farmin GB6 while eating lunch at school, while in class, while taking the ride to school and going home… etc.

    Most of my runes were 5* too… ^_^

    and uhmmm, I farmed GB6 with a team of 4 units + 1 fodder. That was also the time when I got to fuse my Veromos. Exactly after I fused Vero is when I immediately skipped from B6 to B10

  4. Todie85 says:

    i can only auto b7 ( cleared b10) and all giants gives me is 3 or 4 * runes. its stupid because to clear this level, my team needs 5* minimum runes….there's a serious inconsistency…

  5. Dread'Head 32 says:

    @The Motivational Gamer- also i just hit lvl 40 and i feel like thats the badd part that my runes suck like that and every other lvl 40 player monsters and stronger with good runes

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