Goose Hunting Concealment Tips

Concealment when snow goose hunting, duck hunting, or goose hunting is one of the most important aspects to a succesfull hunt. Hide well and you will see decoying birds. Choose not to hide and you will be looking at empty skies. You can use a layout blind, goose chair, A-frame blind, or a simple grass blind but either way hide like a ninja to get more birds.

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2015 Spring Snow Goose Hunting Tip #2 – Concealment and Blinds

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7 thoughts on “Goose Hunting Concealment Tips

  1. Tommy P. says:

    Not being sarcastic here. I'm a long time deer hunter looking to get into waterfowling but right now I'm a bird novice. My question, if you're gonna take the time to completely cover your blind, what's the point of mudding?

  2. Wildfowler85 says:

    Great video. When my brother, friends and i go hunting I am usually the designated blind brusher. I seem to have developed a nack for it. I agree with you, can't put enough stress on camouflaging your blind. I think people forget that 10 decoying geese means 20 eyes are watching.

  3. iggvf says:

    i dont see why you would use one of theese. sure you maybe kill more geese but you miss what its all about… the nature it doesnt matter if you doesnt get more then 1 goose if you doesnt experience the nature then you might as wel sit in your car with the gun out of the window…

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