Picking Your Shot | Shooting Tips for Waterfowl Hunting

When a lot of birds are committed to your spread picking your shot can be difficult, especially for new hunters. Cabela’s Pro Staffer, Jon Lewis gives us some shooting tips on how to be more accurate while waterfowl hunting! For more waterfowling footage, be sure to check out Cabela’s Northern Flight here: www.cabelas.com/category/Cabelas-Nothern-Flight/436731480.uts

One thought on “Picking Your Shot | Shooting Tips for Waterfowl Hunting

  1. North Country Boyz says:

    Great tip! Seems more and more each year….birds are more "educated" where we are. Making the hunt more challenging and frustrating. We see so much sky busting and rapid shooting than we would like to…videos like this. Even if only viewed by a few…is better than nothing.

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