Horizon Zero Dawn Watch Out Trial Hunting Challenge Guide

Another Hunting Challenge is the Watch Out Trial. This will be easy for some people and difficult for others. Check out this Horizon Zero Dawn Watch Out Trial Guide video to get it done quickly.

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49 thoughts on “Horizon Zero Dawn Watch Out Trial Hunting Challenge Guide

  1. Mateo says:

    2nd try 2:01….3-5th try the silent attack didn't initiate cause clicked R1 too soon, including one that was a 4th and would have been under time. Watch your video for bots 2 and 3, we attacked same 1st, but to get mine, I had to zap that fat back thing so I could run to next bush cause his bitch ass came when I whistled. But I did with 15 seconds to spare.

  2. CinemaPigeon says:

    Lol, everything went wrong after the 2nd due to the stalker but I ran away and tried to hide from the watchers' line of sight so I could get a stealth kill and it worked, did it in 1:39.

  3. Dean Krol says:

    This is nigh on impossible, I've watched the videos, tried over 100 times and just can't get anywhere near 4 stalkers in under 2 minutes, they're just never where you need them to be and 80% of the time you need is spent looking around for where they've wandered off to. Fuck these trials, whoever thought these were a good idea should be fired and never allowed to work on games ever again. They obviously do not understand that games are meant to be "fun" to play, not raise your blood pressure and piss you off so bad that even when you do manage to complete one of them, you're still left feeling angry and pissed off 🙁 Having to complete EVERY SINGLE TRIAL to get the new weapons is a pisstake, how about needing 15 of 20 full suns instead so you can at least choose which trials to do instead of being forced to complete them all. At least then, if there's one or two trials that you just can not do, you can choose to go another way to get the lodge weapons. Instead, I'm left never being able to collect them because no matter how hard and how many times I try, I just can not do certain trials in the pityful amount of time needed, It's pathetic. The difficulty spike on them is needless and brutal and it's not fun to play. And before anyone calls me a bunch of slander and saying I'm crap and should become more skillful at the game, go online and see the thousands and thousands of people who are having similar problems with these awful trials. I don't buy games to be an online brag machine and a gaming warlord, I buy them to have fun, pass some times and give myself a bit of a break from the real world for a few hours here and there, this fucking thing just raises my blood pressure and pisses me off 🙁

  4. pARx says:

    I got so lucky on this trial…
    I came here because I just couldn't do it, and when I tried to follow what you did, the second watcher saw me coming. I ended up running around until I finally tried to hide in an area where there weren't any enemies and all the watchers just came to me. Took them down one after another in like 10 seconds.

  5. Typhon says:

    Thank you! If you time it right, you can get the first one by dropping from the rope onto it. Saves you quite a lot of time. For the 4th one I just sprinted to it and killed it. I didn't alert them before I was able to kill the watcher. I was wearing the Nora Silent Hunter Heavy outfit with stealth modifications. Did it in 1:20

  6. Joe Hood says:

    Thank you for the vid. I beat it in 1:12 sec, but a different way. I just alerted the machines, hid in the brush until they lost me for a moment and then slayed one after another "MUST HAVE SHIELD WEAVER ARMOR".

  7. EdwardNewgate58 says:

    My trials are meant to teach you stealth and patience. That is why for the first one, I'm giving you only two minutes to stealth kill four Watchers that are spread out across an area filled with Stalkers and Shell-walkers at every corner.

  8. Daniel Worden says:

    Strike from above on the first Watcher counts, as you showed in another video I believe. Helps get a kill in about 2 seconds and let me finish the trial in 93 seconds.

  9. Elena Henshaw says:

    JH, thank you thank you thank you! I struggled with this one. I think just seeing what you did….tips and tricks made me 'believe' I could do it too. Hard point arrows were Critical. Thank you so much! now for those goddamn glint hawks. …..UGH!

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