Tips for Better Deer Hunting through Habitat Management: Boots On The Ground (#448)

An in-depth look at a property with advice and a plan to improve the deer and turkey hunting through habitat management changes. Topics include food plots, hunting strategies, glade restoration, cedar trees, timber stand improvement, native forage, cover, water sources and much more. Hunting and food plot products shown in this video: Eagle Seed,
Reconyx Trail Cameras,
Redneck Hunting blinds,
LaCrosse hunting boots,
Scent Crusher,
Morrell Targets,
Nikon Hunting Optics,
Drake Clothing,
Hunter’s Blend Coffee,
Goliath crimper & Genesis drill,

30 thoughts on “Tips for Better Deer Hunting through Habitat Management: Boots On The Ground (#448)

  1. Jared Poteet says:

    Another amazing video. The buffalo system is far superior and I hope to get in a position to where I can utilize it one day. I currently have a lease that is year by year and 45% of it is in hay fields and Grasses. How would you recommend going about planting in that situation, would you still recommend no till ? Would the seeds of my food plot of choice be able to penetrate the think grasses of the field once sprayed with round up ? Again great video love your work and message.

  2. Jeff Hamblin says:

    What do you think of griddling cedar trees and allowing them to die for a year or two so that I can push the tree over with the frontend loader of my tractor so that I clear the stumps from the food plots instead of cutting them and letting them lay?

  3. Mason Sayler says:

    Hi Growing deer. I manage a property in central Minnesota and I’m having a tough time keeping deer off of the highway. There has been 4 deer killed on the highway bordering our property in the past couple of months. Is there a way that I can shift their behavior to stay off of the highway? Thank you. God bless. -Mason

  4. John Robinson says:

    I just got 40 acres next to the Oklahoma Keystone WMA. I share 2 sides. I have 3 game cameras up and see deer, turkey, hog, and every once in a while a coyote. Heavily wooded but i have cleared about 2 acres for a food plot. I have noticed this is a staging area and bedding area for deer in the morning and evening. Should i use buffalo blend?

  5. Samantha Welch says:

    Hey guys I haven’t been in here commenting a lot been busy but I’ve noticed our deer in vt have got their antlers and in velvet early this year, have you guys had any odd behavior from your deer? Also our doe herd has dropped all their fawns about a month early this year I just thought this was interesting and makes me wonder if we will see rut behavior early as well please let me know your thoughts thanks guys god bless

  6. AL Outdoorsmen says:

    By far the most educational program you can find on any platform of outdoor entertainment. Love seeing all that you guys do at Growingdeer and find myself looking forward to every video/show that you release. Being an Alabamian, it will always be a dream of mine to meet you personally and tour the “proving grounds”.

  7. Brent says:

    I hate to disagree with Grant here (it's a very very rare occurrence) but my opinion is that dozed off area should have been worked. Those weeds would have emerged anyway, they always do and subsoiling it after brush removal prevented resprouting of brush from the roots. Better to get the field in shape and then go to the zero till program. A dozed off field is always rough as a cob, the brush and brush removal already altered the soil structure from a natural state, just do it in one hit and get it out of the way, you'll have a far easier life for the next several years.

  8. caleb scott says:

    Man I love this show I hope I can afford to buy my own peice of land in the future I'm pretty much limited to putting in food plots, don't think the land owner would would appreciate a fire lol

  9. Ben Walker says:

    Hey Dr. Woods, awesome video. Thank you so much for the advice you gave me. It was great to see how you interacted with the client. Thanks again. Hope to give you an update on my business soon.

  10. The Guy From WI says:

    Excellent video! Enjoy the content as always. What would you suggest I plant over top of last years brassicas/clover/alfalfa? I didn't get a burn in this spring but have mowed most of the tall growth on my plot. God Bless!

  11. WVoutdoors says:

    I want to help my grandfather improve the habitat on his 20 acre property. What could I do? What beans would be best to grow in moist soil in northern West Virginia?

  12. Jack C. says:

    White Cedar are valuable for deer browse and cover in here in Michigan are they not? I know you have mentioned you guys have red cedars which are different. Do deer browse red cedar at all?

  13. NEway Outdoors says:

    Hey Daniel great to see you again! This is my first year for archery deer hunting! Do you have any tips on looking for a place to hang a stand? I live in Nebraska so lots of timber,fields,crp grass, and creeks. Thank you so much and God bless!

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