Best Duck and Goose Shotgun for the MONEY? Waterfowl Hunting for Beginners

Duck hunting requires a 3 inch chambered shotgun to be really effective! There are expensive ones and cheap ones and in this video I go over the pro’s and con’s with 2 guns I personally own and shoot. You get what you pay for guys…. Remember that. If you like this video go check out my fowl fridays.

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47 thoughts on “Best Duck and Goose Shotgun for the MONEY? Waterfowl Hunting for Beginners

  1. Will Parsons says:

    I love my fraunki infinity But I was wondering if I should get the stoger m3000 for duck hunting or should a just use the infinity too because I use the infinity for pheasant and dove hunting.

  2. Joe2A America says:

    I agree, Price doesn’t always speak to quality. Iva always been a Mossberg Guy, but I have had many Remingtons and they were all garbage. With the exception of the remys from the 70’s and 80’s the newer products are all junks. In my experience. Now I’m a Stoeger and Mossberg Guy.

  3. adam bowers says:

    Why was the barrels bending? My buddy has a browning with a bent barrel and another with the chamber part of the barrel is so swelled he cant take the barrel off

  4. Mark Williams says:

    Yo yo yooooooooo! Pattern kills Bobby! Every Fowler should pattern their chosen loads, a real eye opener!
    Two and three quarter inch fiochii 4s are the real deal for UK hunters! I’ve killed hundred of duck with fast lightish loads
    Put the pattern in the right place , it’s deaddddddd!
    Three and a half inch, too much for a twelve! In a ten gauge, yeh baby! That’s a proper goose gun!
    Use the 10g in uk for geese! Larger bore similar three and a half inch loads a killing pattern!
    Only pass shoot the geese with 10g , Winchester cartridges still reign supreme over here!
    Always watch your shows the night before I’m out hunting!
    Luv your enthusiasm and fowl Friday.

  5. FishingupstateNY says:

    Remington 1187 has been the best gun for me for deer, turkey, Fox, coyote, ducks, geese, squirrels, rabbits etc. Over 10 years with it and probably around 100,000 rounds with it it has not jammed once and is very low maintenance and easy to clean. It’s about 700$ but is worth every penny.

  6. Jay Mcgroat says:

    I have a nitro mag no barrel bendin issue but after only owning it for about 2 years started haveing trouble with the fireing pin it dents the primer but not hard enough to set it off spring is to weak

  7. Jerome Lee says:

    SxS , it seems the rest are prone to failure.
    Shoot my red label alot, bought it new in the early 80s shoots like the day I bought it.
    Worth 2x what I paid for it.

  8. Travis Ethan says:

    I think now a days if you stick to the main name brands. The big names, Browning, Mossberg, Winchester, Benelli, Beretta, Etc and you clean/lube it you’ll be fine.

    A $400 mossberg 500 will last you a lifetime.

  9. bkilpatr100 says:

    I'm starting out with a Browning Maxus. NOT a bargain price at all. I'm new to duck hunting and struggled on deciding to drop that much on a shotgun, especially with needing waders, decoys, calls, etc. I really don't want to buy a new shotgun every three to five years though so I am hoping it lasts me the rest of my life.

  10. John Campoli says:

    Excellent rifle>>> Nice weight and balance and no complaints with the scope. I sighted the scope at 10 yards and it was shooting high and right. Within 15 minutes, it was delivering groupings within 1/4 of and inch and nailing a 2 inch steel target at 25 yards. I ran out of time but am anxious to see it perform at 50 yards. Bad news for the roosters that are calibrated for 5am wake up calls. Now we'll both get some sleep.

  11. Eric Alber says:

    I have couple 870s an 1100 12g and 11-87 12g. I cant keep them all which are better resale? All are well used but very well maintained trap series guns

  12. Siskavichs Taxidermy says:

    I have had the same mossburg 535 pump for 9 season 1000s of rounds later and I finally had to replace 1 small 13.00 part .. love my cheep gun 435.00 brand new keeper clean and oiled and cared for done deal

  13. henry lopez says:

    you wanna cheap gun get you a stevens made by savage or a mossberg mavrick 88 the stevens sales at wal mart for like 144.99 and the mavrick sales for 188.99 at wal mart but both are pumps

  14. David Lewis says:

    What do you think about a Remington 11-87? What’s your opinion just curious I’ve used 870 express for just about anything finally decided to get a semi 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. cougar hunter says:

    best waterfowl shotgun hands down is a mossberg 935 no other auto like it on the market its the bore that makes it pattern so good .775 bore that also gives a extra 100fps to the shells with a 3.5" chamber you get the best of both a 12ga and a10ga in one gun put the full choke in and leave it this gun really works for a waterfowl gun best gun ive found for steel shot and i owned them all browning maxus ,gold 12 and 10ga. bps 12 & 10ga benelli super black eagles 1 and 2 rem 1100 .1187. 870. 887. sp10 ithaca mag 10. o/u 10ga. 3.5 browning o/u win sx2 and more for waterfowl i wouldnt trade a 935 for anything there that good at patterning and with heavy 31/2" shell just as good as any 10ga and better then some ive shot and cheaper then the rest $450 black to $800 pro camo model ive been hunting waterfowl the last 40 years and this is the gun to have trust me buy one

  16. John says:

    For my money Id rather shoot my handloaded hevi shot out of a pump over a semi auto with steel. That's just my preference. A 3" with 1.5 oz of Hevi Shot B or #2's through a full choke will drop a Honker at 65 yards with ease. I also think it's more worth someone's time and money to have and inexpensive gun and lots of rounds of practice vs $1K gun with little practice. I will probably get a semi auto once I have filled out my decoy spreads. My cousin is an idiot. He would rather have a semi auto than a full decoy spread.

  17. Scuba Mike says:

    You can buy pumps for a lot less and they work a lot more when dirty. Look at the actions of the guns and the guarantees. Like if you take a Browning Gold Hunter and a Mossberg 930, the insides are the same, same everything but one cost twice what the other one cost.

  18. Tom Palmer says:

    Why not buy a used gun I picked up a Benelli for less than 500.00 mine is a completion grade with great wood sweet shooting trap skeet ducks dove pheasant it has done it all

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