Top 5 Best Budget PCP Air Rifles Under 300$

Hey guys Hunter Tom here, today I’m going to check out the top 5 cheap pcp air rifles under 300$. Please note that the guns that are listed in this video are looked at by manufacturer specs and online reviews. Hope you enjoy the video!
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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Budget PCP Air Rifles Under 300$

  1. Dakoda Spencer says:

    I have .22 cal Umarex Gauntlet and it’s honestly amazing. Recommend buying it from the sportsman’s guide .com and use the chrome/Firefox add on of Honey. You can use the free 30 trial of being a member and that’s good savings. Bought mine for $215 I think. Accuracy and shot count are amazing.

  2. Laverne Dofelmier says:

    Diana Stormrider is a great little rifle, light and has enough power for heavy pellets 177 >10.5 @ 900fps. Sweet spot is 160-120 bar. Hand pump is easy with 20 full power shots. Will give dime sized groups at 35 yds with heavy pellets, light pellets destabilize after 15 yds. Pushes them to fast . Jsb Diablo monster 13.43 will do > 21 fpe @ 850 fps. Have shot at lest 3k pellets through it and no problems, just keeps getting better. Best suited for hunting!!!

  3. Mike C says:

    1077 is pcp mixed with plastic? Hell no i own 1077 wnd get the same results. Stormrider all the way. Crown both ends of the barrel tighten or loosen mags according to how they sit . Little loud needs a shroud, its a wrap

  4. Steve Jenkins says:

    Umarex Gauntlet is awesome way better than a Gamo Urban! And I have both and have Chrono graft and tested 25 50 75 and 100 yard accuracy. Mine is no longer stock reaching 30 foot pounds and still getting 55 full power shots with my tune. If you know what you're doing the single stage trigger can be light and crisp and you can expect inch and a half or less at a hundred yards with jsb 15.89 or 18.13

  5. Quadflopper101 says:

    wow, talk about being slow, i just realized on your tube all you need to be an expert making top review videos is to be self-ordained and know how to read manufacturer spec sheets, and all this time i thought you needed to actually have hands on experience with a product in order to produce a creditable product review…silly me!!!!

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