Ghost Hunting Tips By The Ghost Brothers

The Ghost Brothers let you in on some tips for ghost hunting.

Ghost Brothers
Friday 9/8c

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7 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting Tips By The Ghost Brothers

  1. Janet Fuller says:

    Thankyou For Your Kindness for sharing on your site . Your show it is my favourite along with Ghost Adventures Janet Western Australia Hi and Godbless .Your  personality ,s are so joyful Iam sure you bring joy to all you meet

  2. michael hill says:

    my wife n kids say they keep seeing an older lady in the back of the house I have not seen her but even the dog sometimes barks at the are of house what do we do to get this to leave

  3. Jason's Journeys says:

    I'm a high believer in the paranormal. I've had personal experiences at haunted locations that I've been to, but it's always hard to explain the paranormal to non believers…

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