Duck Hunting: Izzy's Return
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This episode takes place on a local pond in mid November of the 2018 waterfowl season. On the opening teal waterfowl hunt my 11 year old yellow lab, Izzy, tore her ACL and had to have surgery. She has recovered and this is her first waterfowl hunt since that day.

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37 thoughts on “Duck Hunting: Izzy's Return

  1. Diffidentone says:

    Little tip: Always carry a line/string/rope of about 30 feet and attach a weight to it then you can toss it and snag the lines from the decoys or even get it over the backs of the decoys and pull them in.
    We have to use that method quite a bit as lot of places we hunt have 3-5 feet of water and 10 feet of suck you down dead mud so we just retrieve the decoys from shore.

  2. David I says:

    Happy Izzy is back and that you arn't over working her! Will take time for her to be back 100%! Always love watching you videos! Keep it up!

  3. moto man says:

    Thanks for the reply, that was a great shoot . I use a MR extended choke and have shot #2 at geese less than 30y and them big boys don’t flinch. Love your videos keep them coming 😃

  4. Alan Smith says:

    Great hunt Elliot, glad to see ole Izzy back in action and glad to see you picking up a few sponsors. Now that you've gotten all them geese do you need another jar of jelly shipped out? 🙂

  5. 717 waterfowl says:

    Yall have the best channel on YouTube between Izzy coming back and a heck of a hunt really enjoyed the vedio next time take a fishing rod with a spoon makes getting them far out decoys super easy

  6. Rich Barone says:

    Good to see Izzy back and good shooting. But if you find yourself needing to get decoys that you can't get to by wading get in the jettys sled it will hold your weight. I've done it before to retrieve birds

  7. the_rookie jar says:

    What blessing Labrador Retrievers are! I had two Chocolate Labs in my duck hunting past. Together we had some memorable hunts. Congrats on the Honker and Mallard beatdown, fellas! Can't wait to watch the next episode! Be blessed.

  8. Micah Rich says:

    Love the Video! You guys are amazing! I would look at some goose calling videos to help you learn to call geese better but they didnt seem to care 🙂 Big Sean's YouTube channel has a ten video tutorial that will get you really good👍

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