35 thoughts on “Deer Hunting Performance Test! Federal Flite Control 00 Buckshot

  1. Indo FourTwenty says:

    God approves of eating what u kill to feed yourself and your loved ones. Screw what anyone says otherwise. As for the grief of the other animals' feelings, this is why we must respect them and thank God for what he provides.

  2. Civilian #72583119 says:

    I like this guy. Good job buddy. A real man not only provides for his family, but respects the animals that do so. And also in my case, a prayer to God that they didn’t suffer. Good work my friend

  3. Travis Thacker says:

    The skin is always what flunks people on the ballistic gel tests and penetration data received from them. You should and might as well go ahead and – 2 to 4" inches of over all penetration from any expanding load soft bullet or projectile when comparing the load from gel to skinned animal target humans included in this. It's very tough, elastic as pointed out, and also the hair is usually the consistency and hardness of copper wire which has it's play on the projectile used. None of this is filtered into the gel tests even when bone or pork ribs are used as simulated target material. Guys scream dat birdshot for HD and I'm not gonna be the one to say hail marry mother of grace on that choice but if ever there was a such thing as a hail Marry load it's #7.5 birdshot used in defense of one's life.

  4. Steven Lawson says:

    I really like your vid also yes I do believe animals feel love as we do but we do have to eat and some thing must die so that we live if we don't kill. Someone else has to kill it for us I don't see anything wrong with hunting I do really like this buck shot I was issued this for years on my job and plan to use it for hunting this year great vid very good work sir

  5. Toby & Jenny says:

    Never never EVER use a cylinder bore to kill a deer with buck SHOT use a full choke and you can shoot and kill deer a a much longer range and it is better for running shots two and then slip on in and shoot a another deer but i've seen deer kills at 60 and 80 yards with extra full chokes with 00buck with 12ga 3inch amo.

  6. Pilot9r says:

    Very interesting and nicely worded!!! Are you a doctor or nurse, anatomy teacher? Lol. Anyways, i recently went hunting at my parents new place up in central new york. Tracks everywhere but didn't see a damn deer. Going goose hunting tomorrow here on long island. I'm going to subscribe. Cool content.

  7. aziz Sadat says:

    Please make more of these beautiful and informative videos. I have never related more to another Hunter than I have listening to your perspectives and outlook in hunting situations. I am just like you, even after a successful hunt to feel a bit of sadness shows how great and loving human you are. That's why we use every bit of the animal afterwards.

  8. The Eastern front says:

    I was a little remise of your video at first, but the amount of respect you display for this animal is wonderful. Like you said, you (and your family) have to eat, and its most certainly a better fait than a feed lot.

  9. Austin Farias says:

    Hello Jason, I have been watching all of your videos for a while now. Since you are allowed to shoot multiple deer per year could you do a side by side comparison of a slug and buckshot? Comparison on meat damage, effectiveness, etc. just a thought

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