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RE=Random Encounter
SR= Soft Reset
MM= Masuda Method
HE= Horde Encounters

– Use Pokemon with Illuminate (Ex. Watchog, Staryu)
-In 5th and 5th Generation Watchog works well because he can learn Moves like Super Fang and Hypnosis
– Have plenty of Poke Balls
– Do Double Battle Grass (5th Gen) and Hordes (6th Gen) Sweet scent assures Hordes everytime
– Have pokemon to protect from Selfdestruct (Damp), Whirlwind (SuctionCups) and Roar (Soundproof)
– Some Pokemon that have Suction Cups are Inkay, Malamar, Octillary, Lilleep, and Cradily
– Some Pokemon that have Soundproof are Mr.Mime, Mime Jr., Voltorb, and Electrode
– Some pokemon that have Damp are Golduck, Psyduck, The Poli Evo Line, and Wooper

-Masuda Method in Gens 1-4
-Pokeradar in Gen 4th and 6th
-Consecutive Fishing Method

– Make Videos of your Shiny Pokemon Encounter
– Remeber to show No Cheating Device or Shining Charm (Unless your using a Shining Charm then show it)
-Send A Video Response to me on this video

20 thoughts on “Pokemon- Shiny Hunting Tips- King CC

  1. Zackaroura says:

    hello im from 3 years after this video is posted ๐Ÿ˜€ so i just wanna say im new to shiny hunting and my first and only shiny pokemon is a shiny sewaddle but i fully evolved it and i dont have skype but I got hangouts ๐Ÿ˜›

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