Best Air Rifle Pellets

Taking a look at what the Best air rifle pellets are out of my current pellet rotation. Pellets include:
SMK Spitfires
Bisley Magnums
Prometheus Pellets
H&N Baracuda Hunter extreme
H&N Rabbit Magnum II

Obviously there are far far more pellet brands out there so this isn’t an end all list, and as mentioned in the video the air gun shooting the pellet will have a massive effect on accuracy and power.

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31 thoughts on “Best Air Rifle Pellets

  1. Kasey Owens says:

    I feel that lead free ammunition might have a place in the long range hunting airgun world in years to come, especially with pcp rifles. As you mentioned before, the lead free ammo currently is much lighter, due to metals with less density being used. But using that loss of density to our advantage can yield lead free pellets with comparable weights to current lead pellets, with much more bearing surface to engage rifling, and much better ballistic coefficient. We have seen proof that a longer, slimmer, projectile with most of the weight concentrated just behind the centerline of the projectile (if you were to look at the projectile from a horizontal orientation) is more efficient in both retaining speed and "bucking" wind. Firearms have shown this trend to be true in recent years with longer, slimmer, hollow point projectiles. Once the airgun world realises this I believe a completely new type of pellets will start to be developed. I see something similar to the h&n boat tail lead offering, I believe the name is the terminator but don't quote me on that. but I digress, I feel that a lead free pellet with a cavity in the nose, a long bearing surface to engage rifling and a comparable weight to a lead pellet (14-20 ish grains is what most of the lead pellets I see weigh, obviously there are heavier and lighter pellets, but for .22 that is the most common zone I have seen.) Will yield higher ballistic coefficient and thus extend the ranges of our current 20-30 foot pound pcp rifles significantly, while also keeping lead toxicity to a minimum.
    Crossman, jsb, any of the pellet manufacturer's that may read this….
    I have ideas. Hehehe

  2. Peter Davey says:

    Like the Video and I have done some tests myself – SMK domed i can put a group of 14 into a 1 inch or less group – their new pointed ones you mention are really, really bad – very inconsistent, flight lines all over the place – DO Not use them for live targets – way too unreliable – what did work well at the test distance of 15m was the H&N terminators, group of 10 inside a 5p. Air rifle was a HW100 at 150 psi charge.

  3. thomas grokenberger says:

    The rabbit magnums work in all air rifles if you seat or press it into the barrel. I have used them in several types of break barrel,spring piston and nitro piston. They’re great depending upon your skill in seating the pellet.

  4. Bigfoot270 says:

    Here in America where I live it's raccoons and coyote . Chimp monks rabbits that drive me nuts . Last year I had 7-8 rabbits , that carry ticks my puppy got limes and came so close to death . This year it's raccoons I have three dogs and a raccoon came marching through my 2 acre yard . It got a hold of my smaller dog but my Old English Bull dog came to the rescue with one bite .but now I have spotted coyotes they come in my yard trying to get my smaller dog to chase it then they ambush . Now after buying a new Xmarex 22cal . I will be looking for a 25 cal . . These powerful air rifles do a great job at night . Or even during tHe day with smaller pest , Good video and living inMy area I have crossbow 300mang 22L but I find myself really in to airguns . They are cheap to shoot powerful and most look double cool , And for pest control They win hands down . Peace out

  5. Bigfoot270 says:

    Baracuda Using a Break barrel Umarex 22cal .hard hitting great for rabbits groundhogs raccoons at 20-25 yards . The Red tip pellets are also tight groups .

  6. Chris Fryer says:

    Prometheus from a bsa r10 have been the worst i've tried. H&N for me, trophy sport are the business. the Prometheus were really really bad, took 3 shots to hit a target at 25m, with the h/n sub 1 inch group

  7. Yugo Lago says:

    I'm using the Rabbit magnum with my .22 phantom crosman and I got to say they are the best I had try so far. The only bad thing about those pellets is the price$$. Any website suggestions for good deals to buy pellets???(not ebay or amazon shit) I'm in Canada.Thanks!

  8. Dei Owen says:

    I've never tried Spitfires. I must give them a go. I've just used Bisley Practice pellets for plinking. I've never had a badly-formed pellet from then and they're very clean. Cheap too.

  9. Auld Wulf says:

    Great video. i love the baracuda hunter pellets, use them all the time. Your right they are expensive. I'd recommend the field target trophy pellet also by H&N a bit cheaper than the barracuda's. They are a quality pellet. Thanks for posting.

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