21 thoughts on “Best Squirrel Hunting Tips (Gun Calibers)

  1. drekceldude says:

    Depending where you live and how close to a built up area you are,a .22 pellet rifle works very well,I use a .22 PCP rifle and sometimes it feels like cheating as there is zero recoil and very accurate to 50+,.22LR is a good choice,for pure pest control out in the woods,then 7 1/2 shot in a 12 gauge is a no brainier.Think if your going to eat the squirrel the 17HMR is a bit to much,will vaporize the critters.

  2. D'TE Rice says:

    Good video! I love my Remington 597 AAC-SD 22lr,and my 870 with the red dot on top. I use #2 with my 12 gauge, because it kills at  a longer distance. Check out my squirrel hunting video's.

  3. JustSomeGuy says:

    For squirrel, I like the .22lr and .410 also. Leaves you something to eat. What .410 shot do you preffer? I like either #4 or #5, #6 if it's all I have.

  4. HM Dickson says:

    One thing on the 410. The three inch is not a magnum load! Actually it has less energy than a 2 1/2 410. Three inch just has more shot, 11/16 oz, but max velocity is about 1135 fps. The 2 1/2 has only 1/2 oz of shot but travels at 1250 fps. This is because of stack height making more breach pressure. Neither round is good past 35 yards. The 410 is a close range gun. Still it will bring them out of any tree and shells and gun is lighter to carry. The 410 is a good choice.

  5. Shoot To Kill Outdoors says:

    Well it depends on your preference, I personally use the .22 LR a lot because I know my gun and the area I am shooting in. The .22 LR and 12 gauge are both great but they both have their limits. The .22 LR can be very accurate to 100 yards plus with a scope and high velocity ammo. Shotgun shell usually is good out to 50 yards plus with a good choke (modified, full, extra-full). So it basically comes down to which ever gun your more comfortable with, hope this helps thanks for commenting.

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