Tips on hunting wild hogs

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If you have a feeder out, or a source of food for wild hogs, now is the time to go hunting. In the next couple of months the hogs will start feeding off of acorns. This will make them much harder to hunt.

34 thoughts on “Tips on hunting wild hogs

  1. Brice Tingle says:

    hey im thirteen and i love shoting bows im getting a neew one soon with a 40-45lb pull! would that be good for hog hunting and we have cattle that run on our propertie if we put corn out im pretty sure the cattle would just eat it what should i use for bait!?

  2. teddyd30 says:

    @Friendorfoeforever Hogs are not from North America. They were introduced by Europeans. Possums have been here since before European settlement. The possums are just increasing in numbers because the things people do to the landscape are beneficial to them, too.

  3. TRUEGATOR1 says:

    Deer dont like pine trees to rub??? Thats all they rub in our area. You can find one then look around and you will see a rub line!!! We had a 250+ lb buck that was rubbing telephone poles. The power company had to keep coming out to repair the line that runs up the pole. This big deer was a 170 class buck. B&C

  4. pbltube says:

    The wild hogs in the U.S. are not native to this continent. They destroy crops, ranch equipment, fences, etc. They also compete with the native animals (specifically game animals, such as deer) for food.

    In Texas, there is no closed season and no bag limit. If the hogs are causing damage, no license is required to hunt (cull) them.

    A general hunting license is required if simply going on a "hog hunt", without a request from a landowner who is suffering damage caused by the feral hogs.

  5. scottsmach03 says:

    I live in east Texas as well. I have been hunting deer and hogs for many years in the lake Palestine area(La rue, Frankston area). Both with bow and gun. Some good info in this video, but not all is accurate. I have seen many rubs on small pine trees from deer. Deer will rub the bark off of Pine trees while pigs will just rub their bodys against pine trees. Most of the deer rubs I have seen have been on small diameter pine trees.

  6. hoosierarcher says:

    I have seen buck rubs on trunks of pine trees in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. It's more important WHERE the tree is more than What the tree is when it comes to rubs and scrapes.

  7. RuralPrepper says:

    Hogs have really bad eyesight. Sometimes you can just sit still next to a tree and they will not notice you. One time I walked up on pack of them. I guess I was about 60 feet from them while they were feeding. A couple of them stopped, looked at me and went back to feeding. Too bad I didnt have my rifle.

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