Deer Hunting – Off Week – The Management Advantage #16

Casey took a much needed break over the Thanksgiving holiday from filming and editing, but we still wanted to show you a hunt we had from Missouri. We combined some doe management, a house cat, and a possible new hunting call all into one hunt. This is one you won’t want to miss!

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11 thoughts on “Deer Hunting – Off Week – The Management Advantage #16

  1. slider65 says:

    Here in Australia you would have shot the cat first, as feral cats are a huge problem with number getting close to 20 million running around our bush killing millions of our small native’s animals every year.

  2. steve traut says:

    my family was sitten around the fire pit in the middle of the day…and a doe fallowed our cat all the way across our 1 acr.yard…she was so focused on the cat that she didnt look up till she was in the middle of 6 or 8 people…lol…then all hell broke loos p.s…your buddy is funny

  3. Mike H says:

    Here kitty kitty. Lol.
    Why did the doe cross the trail?
    It was following a cat.
    That's just crazy. You never know what you'll see. Nice shot on that doe.

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